So many seminars, talks, or meetups discuss tactics and wonderful success stories.

When I meet with local businesses and organizations, the question I hear most is – “BUT HOW DO WE WIN?”. Yes! There are more options than ever. Every media sales rep now seems to be selling the same products. Which works best? You can’t afford all of them nor do you have time and resources to execute all of those tactics. You don’t want to sign up for the same program that your competition is also using, right? Come learn the key insights gained from winning local for over 20 years.  You have been asking for results, but very few answering have actually applied many of the tactics and strategies for YOUR type of business. Experience in Winning COUNTS! I get it! Come to this meetup. If you hate it, I will buy your lunch! You won’t hate it. You will have the best A-ha! moment for your business ever! GUARANTEED!  You will understand that we are different, authentic, experts with a real passion and experience for growing local businesses. Bring your marketing team or bring your one employee – we will give you FREE easy to apply strategies and tell you exactly how they will grow YOUR business. Hurry though, as we do not want a crowded room. We want plenty of time to address all of your business needs in the room. These two hours will be 100% productive and you will want to come back each month for these sessions! Again, GUARANTEED!