Winning Google Local Maps

In this video, Turnbow gives a quick demo of things to do to dominate local SEO and specifically the Google Local Listings and Maps areas. These are just a few of the many opportunities available to help you win your market
Maps domination

Dominate Google Local Maps / Local SEO

How To Win Local with SEO
Get The Winning Edge

Google Maps ranking should be a top priority for local businesses looking to attract new customers and build their online presence. The Google local maps section is
used often for local searches and discovery of business brands.
This also impacts your paid Google Ads and your organic rankings.

With more people turning to Google Maps to find local businesses, and the rise in voice search usage, knowing how to rank higher on Google Maps and with Local SEO is an essential skill you need in your local SEO toolbox or skillset.

Why are so many neglecting this?
It is most often NOT because the business doesn't want this service, but their marketer or marketing agency doesn't know how.

Investing in your Local SEO, including your Google Maps ranking can reap huge results for local businesses.

According to Google, the three main local ranking factors are:

Relevance — how much your business matches the user's query.

Distance — how close you are to the search user.

Prominence — how well-known and well-liked the business is.

We focus on Relevance and Prominence and beat your competitors by dominating this area. We use a combination of AI and a 20-year trained human SEO expert to give you the edge over your competition.