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"We have worked with Jeff Turnbow and his Winning Local team for over seven years. They handle all our marketing strategy and execution. Jeff created a marketing strategy that doubled our revenues in 4 years. Since then, we have grown in the multi-millions. We were throwing darts and hoping. Now, we can be more assured of a strategy that works and have someone who can adapt precisely to our business needs. I encourage you to learn why we have remained with Turnbow and his team for eight years".

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From A Dealership Client

Like many of you, this client receives calls daily trying to sell the latest and newest mouse trap. Agencies are a dime a dozen these days and everyone is an expert or digital marketing specialist - or so they claim.

"It is reassuring to know that Jeff has his pulse on all the marketing tactics and knows which to plug in for our specific goals and budget. His goal is to make US #1 in our territory and he does NOT represent our competition.

"Jeff is more focused on our marketing and sales allowing us to focus on all the other aspects of running an RV and Boat dealership. We meet with Jeff periodically (as needed) for a review. Stats and reports are always available, but my main measurement of Jeff and Winning Local is in sales and profits. I also really appreciate knowing that he is not working with my competition. He only works with one dealer per market area. Rather than being involved in an "RV Boat Marketing company" which is usually plugging a dealer into a set-it-and-forget-it system, he acts more like our Marketing Director / Fractional Chief Marketing Officer. He is focused on winning over competitors rather than helping to grow them. He has a very unique approach. It has proven to be a great experience for us for almost eight years".

— Mark and Carlene Hixson, Owners, Southaven RV and Marine
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Our Platform + Your Business = Winning

For over 15 years, our CEO has tested platforms and consulted with the nation's top media companies regarding platforms to boost search, surf, and social campaigns. In the last five years, we studied cases specifically to measure competition vs us. In the video below, Turnbow gives a very quick summary of our unique system. With the addition of AI, we have proven that our system dominates any competitor using typical Google Adwords platforms, Facebook/Instagram platforms, or other traditional agency platform - BY FAR!
When we combine our platform with his oversight (20 years experience), we are dominating our client's competitors in their markets. The best way to learn how we do this is to hop on a quick call so we can show you how it works based on YOUR unique business. By the way, we ONLY work with one business type per market using this system.